Havana days


In 2009, with a broken heart a a huge future ahead of me, I jumped on a plane to meet my brother and his mates in Cuba. It was here that I truly discovered a love of travel photography and felt so liberated walking the streets and witnessing the true way of life away from the touristy areas. Being in Havana was seriously like stepping into a time machine. The sun-drenched facades with their peeling paint and deconstructing balconies had been sucked dry of all colour. The surfaces were void of life & in desperate need of restoration. The grande, European architecture decaying day by day…reminiscing a city which was once lavish and magnificent.
A country liberated by their independence from America, yet desperately lacking from their isolation from the rest of the world. Communism was drastically evident – the country living its own set of rules, its own way of life. Think Cubans cigars (by the million), old quirky characters, RUM (lots of rum), Salsa, dancing & incredible heat.I feel great sadness for the struggle they endure simply to hold their heads high on revolution.
From the crack of dawn the streets of Havana are alive and filled with activity. People stand on their balconies watching the action below; yelling out to friends as they walk past. An aura of community spirit is present as old men gather to play dominoes, energetic boys kicking soccerballs… and others just lingering on corners, watching the world go by… I would absoltely LOVE to go back now that things have changed for Cuba!!! XX