Hello!!! I am a fun bomb.

With me, you will let your guard down. You will smile a whole-of-face smile.
You will laugh from somewhere that’s true. You will set yourself free to come play with me.
And when I’m done, you will be holding images of who you really are

I capture real moments because I’m a real person who inspires authenticity and joy.

Important: I’m fun.

More than a standard snapper, my special brand of cheeky cheerleader encouragement will put you right at ease so you can be your freest self.
I provoke expression without limits, born of unguarded creativity and emotion.
My work spans a variety of commercial and artistic projects – travel, lifestyle, fashion – but my great love is, well, love.
I take-on around 30 weddings a year, and I throw myself into these pleasure projects like a devoted bridesmaid with mad camera skills might.
My crazy-busy wedding work has taken on a life of its own – like some kind of awesome, friendly but very hungry monster – because: I utterly love what I do and it shows in every photo I take.

“You’re like a dear, trusted, somewhat mad friend with a secret camera…  I could see your mega Beck grin poking out on either side of the camera, helping me to chill out. I almost forgot you were taking photos of me!” – happy client

Right here is where I most want to be: rocking my dream job, with bare delight, looking out at the world with love through my camera lens.

Let’s go!

That’s how it goes: I arrive with all my trademark effervescent energy, we connect, you relax and show me your bare delight… and I shoot memories that will seem as bright in 20 years as they do right now.


I currently live in Byron Bay but travel anywhere in the world to capture the love.