Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & LA.

California I love you!! I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks driving around the state in a 7.5m long Motorhome RV with my galpal Bella in April! Like a couple of teenager’s on a high school trip, we blasted 90’s RnB and laughed our way across the state. Amongst the hilariousness we visited Joshua Tree National Park – which blew our minds over and over again! It honestly looked like being on the moon! I cannot even explain it. LA as usual served up a hell of a good time drinking margherita’s on rooftops and dancing the night away. Palm Springs – with its Mid-Century Modern architecture was like a time warp into a land of love. I cannot wait to go back. Thankyou Qantas for the direct 14 hour flight! Long Live Cali baby. X O X