baby of the light

Melbourne, Australia.

A gorgeous, natural beauty in the comfortable surrounding of her own home. She’s a professional getting ready for her long day. In this big beautiful world. But how to dress herself? She has so many gorgeous things, she’s obsessed with textures, fabrics, finishes. In this world there are so many choices. Everything is so fun and fantastic, and close to her bright soul, she has too many choices, so fuck it, she wears it all.

So many beautiful textures, materials, really showcasing the beauty of obsession in fashion and the trauma us ladies go through with there being so many gorgeous things out there, that we simply just cannot go without. And like any addiction, we obsess.

We hoard. We drape. We collect. We fuss. We sleep in it. We watch it. Like a lioness. And repeat.

HMUA: Skye Stewart @skyeisabella_makeupartist

Model: Sheridan Seekamp @likesheridan

Stylist: Jamie Lee O’Shea @jaimjaim