Stacia & Chris

Bimbi Park, Cape Otway

This was a very very special wedding!! Tucked away in the camping grounds of Bimbi Park in Cape Otway – Stacia & Chris had the most beautiful day of love!! The bridesmaids wore black dresses and red roses in their hair – it looked INCREDIBLE against some of their colourful tattoo’s and piercings! The groomsmen had barefeet and super relaxed sexy shirts with suspenders. This was a bunch of earthy and talented musical human-beings and the wedding resembled exactly the people they are. There was a song during the cermony by Danielle Caruana & Tommy Spender, and John Butler jammed with Nicky Bomba when the lights went down. The dancefloor was rocking under their uber cool styled Teepee! At the beginning when Stacia was walking towards the bush chapel, the women had all gathered in a certain area to make their own flower crowns. They walked in unison singing “Going to the Chapel” and honestly I have never felt so many goosebumps as the women walked through the bush toward their men who were waiting with teary eyes and big open hearts! I couldnt help but cry myself as I felt such honest, raw emotion and absolute excitement of the presence of the women! All the styling was done by Stacia – she has such a radical eye for it! I love DIY weddings becuase they are unique and different! Well done lovers! xx