Toolangi, Victoria

God I love these two! Khia and I have been friends for years! She is literally one of the funniest chicks I have ever met – and Andrew Barnes her dreamboat just compliments her pun for pun!

Khia wanted to find a wedding venue where her guests could all sleep onsite – so she researched the hell out of it and found a school camp in the Toolangi Forrest in Victoria. Everyone got their own bunkbed in communal rooms and they named their wedding “Camp Amantes” – which means “lovers” in Spanish (they met in Spanish class!)

The day was a whole lotta fun for their guests – and a lot of traditional ideas which I loved. Their celebrant was a friend dressed up in a red robe & swigging from a hit flask, they drew the names of their wedding certificate signers out of a hat, Khia forgot to bring her vowels so she made them up on the spot, each guest got their own camp mug with “Camp Amantes” inscribed on it and the next day they held a games day called “The Hungover Games” where everyone was dressed in 80’s aerobics outfits. It was absolutely classic!!!!!

The rain got the better of us that day and the whole party had to be inside the camp hall but it was snug and amazing styled by Khia including all the lights (which her hubby Andrew installed – what a catch!)

Big love to you both x x x