My chicka buddy Tara and I spent a month in India, travelling by train and bus … soaking up the glorious colours and spending our days wandering the streets. We ate the most delectable sweets and saw some seriously amazing sunsets! (Even ran into Bill Nighy and Judi Dench ontop of a fortress one dusk! #truestory.) Rajasthan was a rainbow land of goodness – of heartfelt soul and beauty. My favourite place was Pushkar – a combustion of colour, vibrant personalities and utter brilliance! One of the oldest cities in India – it is one of the five sacred sham (pilgrimage sites) for devout Hindus. The town is built beside a huge pond – whose creation has a mythical story that is was formed by the tears of lord Shiva which he shed after the death of his wife. He cried so much he made a pond! So much soul here! I would like to go back – 6 years later! So I can see the festive explosions of life again x