Aloha tropical paradise


The husband & I escaped the Melbourne Winter on the islands in Hawaii for 3 weeks and OMG I fell inlove! What a beautiful part of the world! The temperature was uber balmy & we slipped into the aloha tropical way of life very very easily!! I loved Waikiki for its 80’s resort cocktail style vibes – retro pink motels and old school signs! I honestly love shooting this kind of thing over landscapes. I find quirky cultural elements and retro design so much more interesting than mountains & beaches in terms of photography! On Kauai & Maui I was overwhelmed with how lush it was! It felt like I was stepping back into the land before time – before the human race had developed the world. I could not believe the amount of beauty – it was astounding! We ate acai bowls for breakfast every day & returned to the big smoke with a heart full of goodness! We will definitely be going back! X O X