Aloha tropical paradise


The husband & I escaped the Melbourne Winter on the islands in Hawaii for 3 weeks and OMG I fell inlove! What a beautiful part of the world! The temperature was uber balmy & we slipped into the aloha tropical way of life very very easily!! I loved Waikiki for its 80's resort ...


Palm Springs, Joshua Tree & LA.

California I love you!! I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks driving around the state in a 7.5m long Motorhome RV with my galpal Bella in April! Like a couple of teenager's on a high school trip, we blasted 90's RnB and laughed our way across the ...

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautifully honest country filled with a festive and tasty essence of the human kind. A nation famed for serine smiles, happy greetings and helpful by nature. Its pristine coastline and mountains of tea plantations lets you dive into the island of magical proportions. It is a ...

Island vibe

All over Indonesia

When the cold hits Melbourne, I run to my happy place where the coconuts are plentiful and the sunshine is on tap. I have made some beautiful friends over the years, and been on some fun adventures to different parts of Indonesia. Its such a colourful, spiritual place for me ...


Tokyo & Osaka

Walking the streets of Harajuku and Shinjuku in Tokyo I hardly had a moment to take my camera down from my face. Each person was like a Picasso creation… so unique and so different it was overwhelming and marvellous! Some wore outfits to match their best friend, some dressed as ...

The Golden State

California, USA

Nothing can describe the way the dazzling Californian sunshine infects your veins with happiness. Vitamin D is the best drug of all time.. warm and engulfing. We spent three weeks driving around the state and indulging in the American vacation dream. I’m desperately missing its colourful identity and animated ...

bella spiaggia


My lover and I spent three weeks in Sicily grazing the beautiful beaches, visiting deli's and delighting in the indulgent culture. I find it hard to take my big SLR on trips in the last few years - I like the freedom of not carrying it and actually having a ...

the big apple

NYC baby

Fast food trucks, gibbering characters on the streets, buildings all the way to the clouds, yellow cabs and cold concrete surfaces, the largest coffee's and the largest tummies I have ever seen.. I was recently in New York for work and snapped up a few moments as I flew across ...

Havana days


In 2009, with a broken heart a a huge future ahead of me, I jumped on a plane to meet my brother and his mates in Cuba. It was here that I truly discovered a love of travel photography and felt so liberated walking the streets and witnessing the true way ...



My chicka buddy Tara and I spent a month in India, travelling by train and bus ... soaking up the glorious colours and spending our days wandering the streets. We ate the most delectable sweets and saw some seriously amazing sunsets! (Even ran into Bill Nighy and Judi Dench ontop of ...

Land of the wonderful


Two weeks on the radical streets of Japan was the most wonderous & astonishing experience. Never had I seen neighbourhoods which such electronic vibrance on earth. My hungry heart fell inlove with the crazy fashion, the neon lights and the never ending possibilities. In Tokyo the vertical cities of noisy pachinko ...

A morning at Venice Beach

Venice Beach, LA

I was travelling around the world with the guys at GCC and we were capturing a folio for them of people engaging in fitness activities in public spaces. This was what I saw while spending the morning at Venice Beach. So much action! x